How To Optimize Your Website/page

Google must update the date stamp of your content in the SERPs, which increases click-through rates. Users are more likely to click on recently posted content than other options. It encourages higher user engagement on your website.  Since it’s easier and faster to update old content, you’ll find a higher ROI than publishing new content. When you update multiple pieces of content on your website, you will eventually get a high level of growth and improve your website’s ranking. Fortunately, optimizing your site and content for Google Freshness is easy. You can do the following:

How To Use Advanced Google Search Operators

While simple modifications can increase organic traffic and improve your rankings, Google is smart enough to recognize when users are trying to cut corners. If Google thinks you’re trying to play with the system, it may penalize your site against rankings. Czech Republic WhatsApp Number List We recommend that you always add some new material whenever you change the release date of any content. Remember, freshness is just one of many content elements that Google considers when determining page rankings. You can use the search operator site to check for duplicate content: combine text copied and pasted from related content.

Find Duplicate Content Issues

Advanced search operators are usually short commands that are easy to remember. Knowing how to best use them is key to getting results. Here, we’ll share our best ways to master Google’s advanced search operators for SEO purposes.  However, it’s easy to reuse a duplicate piece of content on your website without knowing it. This is especially common on e-commerce sites when site managers post the same or very similar descriptions on multiple product pages. For example, if your website sells underwear, you can use the same product description, only modifying the title to include a different quantity or color.


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