How to Refine Your “Near Me” Search

There are many ways to do keyword research. But we’re going to focus on just one – competitive keyword researchwhy? Two reasons. First, there are hundreds of paper-sized articles that go deeper than this one – teaching you how to do keyword research. Cambodia WhatsApp Number List But who has the time to read all of this? Of course, you can take our SEO Masterclass, watch our webinar replays and sign up for our exclusive SEO training community (coming soon). Cambodia WhatsApp Number List But I guess you’re just looking for an efficient way to generate a steady stream of keyword ideas in the shortest possible time. In this case, you’ve come to the right place.

Introduction: Competitor Keyword Research

Why pay attention to your competitors? Because, they have already done all the hard work for you. But what is a competitive keyword research analysis and how can it help you? Cambodia WhatsApp Number List CKRA is the process of researching your competitors’ most valuable keywords at the page level to determine which keywords you should target. Cambodia WhatsApp Number List By focusing on your competitors, you can arm yourself with a range of keywords and content ideas that are guaranteed to generate residual traffic. Other all-in-one SEO tools like SEMRush and SERanking should be able to do the same.

How to Conduct Competitive Keyword Research

This keyword research method is what we use internally for all our clients and our own projects. That’s how we scaled Sked Social’s traffic from 4,000 monthly visits to over 130,000 monthly visits in six months . That’s what we do for SEO blogs too. Cambodia WhatsApp Number List Who you choose as your competitors will determine the success of your keyword research strategy. Pick a competitor that is too small and you may not see any valuable insights. On the other hand, picking a competitor that serves a huge market you don’t trade will make it harder to find relevant keywords that will generate targeted traffic. In this keyword research tutorial, we’ll be using Ahrefs’ suite of SEO tools.


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