How Widely Used Dating Apps Can Put Your Personal Data at Risk

They were able to obtain personal and private information about 70,000 users. The information they found included things like sexual orientation, sexual arousals and drug use. In fact, a researcher from Carnegie Mellon University claimed that he could match these private details and histories to over 10,000 users with 90% accuracy. All data was publicly available. 800 data pages Data How much data do these sites actually collect? Probably more than you think. Although it may be shocking, capturing personal Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List messages is actually the norm for many dating sites. OKCupid and Tinder state in their privacy policies that they capture and may even share any information on their platforms.

User Data May Be Available

Few disclosures read Terms and conditions Few, if any, dating app users read the actual disclosures. One study suggested that less than 10 percent of users actually read the disclosures before agreeing to the terms. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List They click accept and move on without realizing how their data will be used. Also, the more users interact with these sites, the more information they provide. In addition to providing personal data during the initial phase, when a user signs up using a social media ID, they can connect all your data in both places and give the dating app access to all information on social platforms such as Facebook or Instagram. Brokers sell data location information online.

Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List
Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List

Protect yourself Data protection Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself when using a dating app. First, don’t use third-party sites like Facebook or Instagram to sign up. This shares too much of your information between the two apps and makes it easy to piece together your true identity. Instead, consider setting up a special email address and unique password for each dating app. Also, access dating apps through a desktop computer and the website, rather than a mobile app. Bulgaria WhatsApp Number List This will help limit the location data the app can collect. Finally, consider using a VPN or virtual private network, especially if you plan to access the application outside your home. Using VPN adds an extra layer of security and can prevent hackers from accessing your information.

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