How Will Tomorrow’s Trains Be Equipped

The SNCF, in partnership with 01Netpro, is organizing a competition to imagine useful smartphone tools for train captains. Rather than searching alone in its corner, the SNCF has decided to launch a call for designers on the Internet, via the 01Net site. A good way to showcase the creativity of start-ups and entrepreneurs! This kind of collaborative Mexico WhatsApp Number List initiative is rather on the rise at the moment , on different scales. And it is rather welcome, because, in rail matters, users are among the first concerned. A very good point for the SNCF! SNCF smartphone contest The purpose of the application should be to enable the captains “ to inform travelers in real time about their connections, about the services offered to them or about any disruptions “. How to become a real controller 2.0!

A Good Way to Showcase the Creativity

The latter will test the selected applications during the months of October and November. For example, here is the presentation video of the very promising railPhone application, in which our friend Spawnrider participated. Mexico WhatsApp Number List Every year since 2007, Blog Action Day has taken place. A day where bloggers from all over the world can discuss a particular theme.Every October 15, everyone, regardless of the subject of their blog, can therefore write an article on a subject that concerns everyone. The objective is to draw attention to an issue, assuming that the blog is a dissemination tool that potentially reaches as many people as possible.

The Objective Is to Draw Attention

Mexico WhatsApp Number List
Mexico WhatsApp Number List

So, if you are out of inspiration on D-Day, you can, for example, talk about the problem of ocean pollution, the water battle, or, more lightly. Mexico WhatsApp Number List The celebrities who have taken up this cause. Obviously, there is no limit, and we really expect all kinds of very interesting articles! Last year, more than 13,000 bloggers, including the British Prime Minister. And the official White House blog, responded to discuss global warming. 27,000 articles came out of it, for an audience of more than 17 million Internet users.

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