In Addition, Search Engines May Consider

Canonical advantage
so with canonical, it can function as avoiding duplicate content on a page of your website.

The use of canonical tags can also be a way of telling search engines which pages are the main things to index.

Because in the seo optimization process,

duplicate content can have a bad impact on  your website pages Hong Kong Phone Number such as pages that don’t appear on the serp or search engine results page. Plus, google doesn’t like duplicate content either because it can make it difficult for them to decide which pages to index and rank in search results.

In addition, search engines may consider the same content with different urls on separate pages. To make it easier to understand, like this:


you or maybe other people will consider

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the four links above are the same page. But, for google, the link is a different page with the same content or duplicate content contained in it.

For this reason, without the canonical tag, google can determine which pages take precedence. The googlebot engine can select the most complete and useful pages and mark them as canonical. These pages will often be crawled by google and also other pages that are considered duplicate pages are rarely crawled because of the reason it reduces the

burden of the crawling process by googlebot.

So, you should avoid the above because google can

choose the wrong page so that your main page is not indexed by google. As a result, your main page loses rankings and website traffic.

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