In Today’s World, the Explosion

This would be, if sustained, a step backwards in relation to years of atomization of contemporary societies. China Phone Number List Appropriate care for the elderly is clearly at the top of the list, along with the need to invest more and adequately equip health institutions. China Phone Number List But other topics are also included, although less obvious. The lockdown left many imprisoned, alone, inside their own homes, wondering about the adequacy of existing support mechanisms. Many people have fallen into the precariousness of at least temporary unemployment, in some cases without any income.  China Phone Number List

Data-driven Digital Transformation

China Phone Number List An already frequently asked question, “how will people cope in the age of digitization ?”, received particularly quick answers. Some, like teleconferencing and data sharing, simply intensified, but new ones came along with them China Phone Number List Telecommuting led many employers to negotiate rules and establish directives. While we acknowledge this creativity and perseverance, not all sectors were able to find sustainable solutions. China Phone Number List The future of social democracy How does this translate into a debate about the future of social democracy ?

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