Internet and Protection of Personal Data

The objective is to reward brilliant blogs with their quality and originality. The voting system (one third by internet user votes, one third by jury members, one third by event partners) gives everyone a chance. In addition, there are many categories in which to compete, depending on the main theme of his blog (web news, comics, high tech, culture, fashion…). If you find that a category is missing, you can request its creation. There is no “employment” category at the moment, but we hope that will be soon! Anyone can enter the contest,Continuation of the study Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List on the observatory of social networks: after use and notoriety , Ifop looked at the Internet and the protection of personal data.

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Professional life would therefore not mix well with personal social networks according to this study. Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List The youngest are those who expose themselves the most: while 86% of 18-24 year olds who are members of at least one social network have already uploaded photos of themselves, the figure drops to 33% for those over 65. . the figures are substantially the same for passions or personal interests, as well as photographs of relatives. Ifop online data 33% of respondents believe that the data posted online is visible only to their friends.

The youngest are those who expose

Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List
Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List

Indeed, only 7% of 18-24 year olds do not know whether the information. They leave online is visible to everyone or not, this proportion increasing with the age groups targeted. To reach 24% among the most 65 years old. Luxembourg WhatsApp Number List Ease of erasing personal data posted online The last part of the study concerns the difficulty of deleting its data. Ifop online data Unsurprisingly, the majority believe that it is not very easy to erase their data online. Because only 14% of respondents have ever tried to delete data without success at all.

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