Job Blog Competition: The First Results

Our competition for the best job blogs ended last weekend. While the jury is a few hours away from rendering its final verdict, our bailiff has already drawn lots. Here are the first results! They concern the bloggers who relayed the contest and those who voted for their favorite blog. Congratulations to the winners! Relay prices You were more than 70 to relay the contest, thank you all! 13 bloggers were drawn and left with a prize. Here they are Main Bahamas WhatsApp Number subject of Antoine’s post. So there would be influential bloggers on one side, and ordinary people on the other. The term is so truncated that it no longer corresponds to anything. When are you influential? On what criteria? Traffic, presence on social networks, on and offline contacts?

There Would Be Influential Bloggers

Are we warned of this transition to demigod status? what does it bring? The answer depends on who is speaking. And the influence is limited in 99% of cases to the high-tech microcosm and is constantly questioned. We cannot therefore really speak of influence, but rather of references common to most observers of a particular sector. And again… Ask those interested, many will deny the term, Instead of feeling sorry for yourself and the lack of feedback on your writing, analyze the situation. Seek to understand your weaknesses and strengths, your strengths, what you need to work on.

We Cannot Therefore Really Speak

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Focus on yourself, not the “influencers” you hate “because they don’t deserve their success.” And don’t forget that influence is useless if you don’t have a reason to use it. A loyal readership is built over time, it doesn’t happen overnight. So don’t try to make hits, but rather to bring added value to what is done elsewhere and to offer quality content! Time and familiarity with advertising tools will do the rest. If you are interesting, readers will be interested.b

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