Label Idénum, Is Centralized Control by the State a Good Idea

Priscilla Gout has been a web editor on the RegionsJob editorial team for two years. She feeds the daily content of Regions Job’s Fil Info and the Mode(s) d’Emploi blog with Fabrice Mazoir. IDéNum: “multi-service digital identity” To put an end to the multiple passwords on the Web, here is the first will of the government Germany WhatsApp Number by launching the multiservice digital identity label, “iDéNum”, the beta version of which should see the light of day by the end of 2010. It will initially concern administrative sites, but the government’s objective is to eventually rally all the players in digital life.

The Government’s Objective Is to Eventually

Worse, 50% of Internet users write them down or save them somewhere… Additional costs for businesses For companies, the proliferation of logins, passwords, and online services has a cost. Germany WhatsApp Number In contrast, the dematerialization of services represents a significant saving of several billion euros per year (40 million for e-commerce, 1.3 billion for the financial sector, 150 million for insurance, 1.3 billion for the administration…) according to the State Secretariat for Forecasting.

The Positive Points of the Project

Germany WhatsApp Number
Germany WhatsApp Number

The advantages of IdéNum Compared to traditional navigation. the label has many advantages for Internet users: more simplicity thanks to a single and unique authentication, a better level of security and better protection of personal data, time saving. Germany WhatsApp Number And better protection of the digital identity (notably avoiding identity theft)…

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