Live Your Vinaigrette, by Marc Drouin

Next week is an open week on this blog. You will have the opportunity to discover articles written by other bloggers on the occasion of the second edition of the Open-blog week . The first one was very interesting, I hope you will enjoy this one too! 8 contributors will thus be welcomed, with the program: A fiction about the future of the web A fiction about the future of recruitment Feedback accompanied by advice on the online CV A SEO ticket Senegal WhatsApp Number on the domain name A note on augmented reality A decryption of the new generation of DRM A statistics tool for your FlickR account Advice on the business blogalmost forced me to upload this video. At the same time, difficult to miss.

You Will Have the Opportunity to Discover

The 80’s clips that have aged badly have come back in force lately, this one is a continuation of the movement. Soberly titled Vis ta vinaigrette and sung by Marc Drouin, it is perfect for encouraging the French swimming team, which is currently doing well at the European Championships. What happiness. Live your life, live your dressing. Senegal WhatsApp Number After the fake trailer of the film on Youtube . Here is another parody of the film The social network on Facebook.

A Fiction About the Future of Recruitment

Senegal WhatsApp Number
Senegal WhatsApp Number

It is this time Twitter which is concerned. We therefore see a trailer for a possible film, centered on the apparent stupidity of the concept of the micro-blogging site. Senegal WhatsApp Number A tool made for narcissists who tell their lives to strangers? Twitter would be responsible for the decline in the intellectual level of the web? It is very funny. To have !

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