Make Sure You Had A Clear Goal In Mind Before You Blindly

Stumbled upon the guest post? Did you optimize everything related to your guest post to achieve this goal? Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-25 um 12.58.30 Image Source: Charles Ngo If you don’t have a clear objective, it will be difficult to optimize our efforts to achieve it. Just because guest posting is great doesn’t mean you can expect great results if you don’t even consider where you want to go with your guest blogs. Make sure you know where you’re going, and then make sure you do everything right to get there. You chose the wrong blog What were your criteria for choosing the blog you posted on? Was he famous? Did it promise a ton of traffic? It’s great? Do you happen to know the owner of the blog?

Did they ask you to contribute? Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG While all of these reasons may be legitimate, they may simply not be the deciding reasons that make a blog the perfect blog to post on. Sure, a blog you’re guest posting on needs to have an audience. But in reality, a small but very specific blog can give you better results than a huge blog from the totally wrong niche. A famous blog can be great for showing off, but if they barely give you a chance to show who you are and don’t allow you to mention your business in the author bio, the benefits will be small.

Choosing The Best Blog

For your guest post is one of the most important steps to guest post success. Your contact email sucks Did you write hundreds of emails but no one cares, and no one accepted your guest posting offer? Maybe you should reconsider your contact email. Bildschirmfoto 2017-01-25 um 13.09.19 Image Source: Quicksprout Did you confuse names and blogs? It happens all the time, but it’s the first step toward rejection. Did you try to convince the blog owner that guest Belgium phone number  blogging is great for him? no! The contact email is for you to say who you are, what a great contribution you can make to the blog, and (if so) to add some links to your previous work. If the blog owner doesn’t want guest posts, you won’t be the one to talk him out of it.

Belgium Phone Number

Your theme is wrong I’ve seen a lot of advice on how to pick a great topic for the blog you want to guest post on. But that’s not the only thing you should keep in mind when choosing your theme. Guest posting will only be beneficial to you and your business if the topic you write about is close enough to what you normally do with your own blog or business. The reason is simple: if the subject of the guest post is too far removed from your own interests, it won’t attract the attention of the crowd you want to reach, and the audience you attract won’t be interested enough in your other work. Your post is rubbish It’s fine. This should be obvious. If your post just sucks and doesn’t provide great information for your target group, you’ll never see outstanding results from your efforts.

Even If You Manage To Get

That horrible post out there somewhere: if the post isn’t convincing, your guest blog won’t be a success. You neglected your headline This is something that is valid for all blogs. But it’s especially important for guest blogs: Your title may well decide the fate of a post. A great headline will get you actions and clicks. And a boring headline will send your post straight to the blog post graveyard. Image2-quicksprout-2of10 Image Source: Quick sprout While some blog owners will recognize a bad title and simply change it to something more effective, oftentimes, since you’re a guest, the blog host won’t. And once the post is published as a blog owner, I may change the title of my own post; most of the time I will avoid changing something in an already published guest post.

You have it in your own hands to make sure your post goes live with a great headline. A headline that will help give your post the attention it deserves. 7. You’re Not Following Best Practices for Hosting Blog or Guest Author Guidelines If a blog gives you exact guidelines on what kind of posts they are looking for: follow them. If they want a 2000 word post, don’t submit a short 500 word piece, even if you feel like you have more information in the short piece than a long piece would give. If they want images to prove their point: provide them. They won’t break their rules just for you. Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-17 um 15.36.26 Image Source: Hubspot 8. Your author bio is boring Your author bio is the only place where you have quite a bit of freedom to link to your website or even promote content.

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