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This discovery can help boost your “keyword library” and help you better understand your potential customers’ needs and search process. Another smart thing to do is to find related searches for related searches. So focusing the searchlight more deeply on “Sneakers Nike” reveals the following… Colombia WhatsApp Number List Also, you can use relevant queries to spy on your competitors in order to beat them easily. For example, a quick search of Ahrefs on Google Trends will reveal its competitors… And… armed with this information, you can research your competitors, spy on their strengths and weaknesses, and then produce “you versus them” content that highlights how your solution beats them.

A Beginner’s Guide To Google Search Operators

In fact, it’s not uncommon to find “shame” keywords in web searches that are gaining popularity on YouTube searches. Take the keyword “content marketing” for example. Colombia WhatsApp Number List You’ll notice from the graph below that its popularity in Google searches has declined over the past year… However, Google Trends, which inserts the same search terms into YouTube searches, shows its popularity has climbed over the past year… bring home? Colombia WhatsApp Number List Well, sometimes keywords don’t lose popularity, they just move from one medium [eg Google] to another [eg YouTube].

Summarize Google Trends

Google Trends is your go-to when you’re doing keyword research or looking to beat the competition with quality on-demand content. It’s an excellent tool that provides you with the freshest, most effective data on search trends…right now. Colombia WhatsApp Number List If you’ve ever dabbled in the SEO world, you probably know what a Google search operator is. However, not everyone is well versed in the field of optimization, and some are just beginning their digital marketing journey. Doing your own SEO requires resources. There is still time. a lot of. So, you should start using some tricks to speed up the process. They serve as tools to help you with keyword research, content research, and SEO audits.


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