Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Meihua was invited

Minister of Economic Affairs Wang Meihua was invited to attend the opening ceremony. She affirmed that “Today Weekly” has held many  Kazakhstan Phone Number Sankei forums to discuss the global and Taiwan economic trends. She believes that the current international situation will affect the global system, civilization, economic development.


Food and other industries in the next ten years

Demand has a significant impact. Therefore, Taiwan must spread out from the booming semiconductor industry, so that the world can see that in addition to semiconductors, Taiwan uses information and communication products including components for electric vehicles, 5G, and low-orbit satellites, which are all Taiwan’s strengths.

Wang Meihua also specifically mentioned that although

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Taiwan started relatively late in net-zero carbon emissions, “If you don’t do it, it will never be too late. If you do, there is still a chance.” Liang Yonghuang, the publisher of “Today Weekly”, also used the cover of “Today Weekly” issue 1330 The case of Tesla being kicked out of the S&P 500 ESG Index in.

The story “Global Encounter and Suppression! Masquerade ESG Revelation” emphasizes that the carbon reduction of a single product is no longer in line with the latest ESG trends. Tesla’s E (environment) is doing well. But for S (Social Responsibility), or even G (Corporate Governance), it’s not doing well. ESG is constantly evolving, and keeping abreast of the latest developments will contribute to the sustainable development of the industry.

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