Missing, Search Engine for Missing Persons

The Internet is of course a valuable tool for sharing information in extreme situations. On the occasion of major natural disasters for example. We saw it with the earthquake that hit Haiti last January. But the “noise” is all the more important, and the risks of false information necessarily increased tenfold. Sometimes it’s not so much Brazil WhatsApp Number lack of information as infobesity. The Red Helmets Foundation is an NGO that offers solutions for the use of new technologies in humanitarian aid.

The Red Helmets Foundation

She has just launched the alpha version of Missing, a search engine for people missing following a disaster. For the moment, it is not quite operational yet (the platform will be ready at the end of 2010), but can nevertheless be used if a major event were to occur before the delivery before the final delivery.Brazil WhatsApp Number  Missing homepage Concretely, Missing makes it possible to declare a loved one missing, and conversely to provide information.

A Search Engine for People Missing

Brazil WhatsApp Number
Brazil WhatsApp Number

Available in the 6 official languages ​​of the UN, the site also aggregates information flows from social networks, geolocates missing persons if a trace of them appears… All this to allow the coordination of searches, and improve the mobilization of witnesses. Brazil WhatsApp Number When the Web is useful for humanitarian action, we can only applaud. Especially since in addition to this search engine, the Missing project also concerns the equipment of rescue teams, and a Web agent to optimize monitoring of missing persons.

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