My Business for Local SEO

It’s not always about making new content all the time. Sometimes your best chance of ranking well is with older content that just needs a few simple tweaks. Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Optimizing published content should be a regular part of your content strategyRegularly updating and optimizing content will also prevent content decay from becoming an issue. Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Maybe your business sells laptops, and you published a guide last year on the best laptops available for digital nomads. If you don’t update, this content will become outdated and drop in rankings. Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List You can add some up-to-date facts and statistics and more details to make sure the content is comprehensive and relevant to your target audience.

Implement Pattern Marking

Google rewards content that receives major updates and is significantly improved. A staggering 92% of searchers choose a business on the first page of local search results. Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Optimizing your local SEO techniques will help your business attract more potential customers. 88% of local business searches from mobile devices result in a business visit or call within 24 hours. Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List Since Google remains the most widely used search engine, visitors often go directly to Google Maps to find instant results for local businesses.

Make Sure Your Business

Free and easy to use, if there are multiple addresses, you can update your business’s individual address, including a phone number and other amenities such as parking and WiFi (if relevant). Ivory Coast WhatsApp Number List You should also add high-quality photos to make your business look more attractive. Leveraging schema markup is a great way to make your business appear more attractive to potential customers. A coding language that allows search engines to take information from your website and present it in a more user-friendly and attractive format.




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