Nice cake, but how’s your arm

Friday evening, 20:00 sharp and my weekend has started. My phone vibrates, you sent me an email! The subject triggers me. I open your e-mail, but that’s where it goes wrong: ‘Dear Sir/Madam’… Why this doubt, you know who I am, don’t you? Without reading further, I’m moving your email to my trash. I have not (yet) bothered to unsubscribe from your mailing list. However, on your next attempt you will be 1-0 down anyway. Shame!

Is this a description of an exceptional case? Unfortunately not. At least not based on my experience. And I’m not just talking about e-mails from parties unknown to me. My insurer has known me as Bert for a long time. Automated communication with your customers is very important. Marketing campaigns with the right content, at the right time, aimed at the right person and via the right channel. Basically just the holy grail in marketing. Cards on the table: I don’t know the secret either. But I would like to take you along in my way of thinking and working, in 5 steps.

 Visualize Your Customer together

Ask yourself: what makes you really excited about an email? That you not only read the email, but also take action when prompted? This is often because the sender seems to know exactly who you are and what you need at that moment. How do they do that? By starting at the beginning, and no, that’s not when writing that (in your eyes) perfect email!

I still see them too often: emails that tell me what the sender Cameroon Phone Number
has to offer. The best emails tell me what I need or create that need on the spot . So know who your customer is. Popularly said, that 360-degree customer view. Use the knowledge of your colleagues for this, among other things. For example, your friends from sales are often in direct contact with the customers you want to approach. Don’t forget your marketing or development colleagues either. They often have no direct customer contact, but they do have data. Lots of dates! Ask them the shirt off the body. About the customers themselves, but also about their behaviour.Which (mail) campaigns have been sent in the past

Cameroon Phone Number Think Ahead

Check, the image of your customer is now as complete as possible. Tap an email and campaign live in 3, 2, 1… or wait, step back. Ask yourself: what do I want to achieve with my campaign? Not very complicated, of course, selling my product or service! Nice, let’s do that. What do you do with recipients who do not convert directly, but interact with your content in a different way? : use tags. In this way, make clear who opens your mail, forwards or clicks on a CTA. This is important information for a follow-up campaign! And this doesn’t have to be another mail campaign. Do you remember those sales

Okay, you both have a good customer view and you have thought ahead. Let’s go ! I understand your impatience, but still, just a little while. Are there opportunities in further segmentation? Sure, you can lump the customers in your database together, the faster that mail is sent out. But is that wise? I do not think so.

Take a critical look at the parameters on which you can segment your customer group. For example: location, age, gender, turnover history, possibility to up- or cross-sell, numbers of order moments or a combination of these parameters. One size does not fit all!

A profession in its own right. Again, there are many aspects to take into account. However, one aspect always stands head and shoulders above the rest as far as I’m concerned. Namely, realizing what problem you are solving for your customer. Too often do I receive emails that make me think ‘yes, and’? Example: “Now a 10% discount on all our electronic hand blenders.” Great, but then I still pay 90% and my whisk works fine. Compare that sentence with: “Hi Bart, nice cake, but how is your arm?” Which email would you rather open? Commercial writing is different from throwing discounts in writing

Determine on the basis of which parameters you can measure your success. Opens, clicks, forwards. Do you want to know how many parties visit a landing page based on your e-mail and request a quote or make a purchase? Then add a UTM code. To measure = to know. Tip : if you have time left, build a dashboard for your colleagues. Data that you find very interesting may be slightly less pleasant for your colleagues to digest

As DJ Jean would say, get ready 4 the launch . Sorry, generation thing. But your campaign can go live. Is it perfect now? Unfortunately not. The first well-thought-out campaign with a 100% score has yet to be invented. Therefore, always opt for and start small. After this test you can scale up with peace of mind.


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