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The art of stoic thinking is to ask yourself why you are angry. Is there anything to learn from that? Maybe you blame yourself for leaving home too late because you were gaming? Or that you had to find a book that was lying somewhere in your cluttered room?

The sober, analytical view helps you out of an emotion that lasts unnecessarily long. That can help you with issues that you can solve to avoid setbacks. Thus, you can even be thankful for a trial, love that one, because you came out wiser.

Of course there is setback

On an average day, there’s a good chance you’ll encounter traffic jams or delayed trains, someone’s trying to steal your money with a scam, there’s a bad apple in the pound you just bought, neighbors are putting their rubbish in the have not cleaned up the Armenia Phone Number shared hall, that someone is aggressive in traffic or two passers-by chuckle at your colorful sneakers. Some days more than others but none of this is special. None of this will make the news. However?

The same goes for your new job or new project. There will be a delay. A team member will interfere. A supplier will promise something and not keep it. Support from your manager can turn into a critical attitude.

It helps to consider what can go wrong before a project. What is the worst case? What can go wrong? It is actually naive not to think about it and therefore not to be prepared for it.



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rationalize tension

This can also help concretize and rationalize a vague fear or tension. Suppose you are going to do a presentation on which a lot depends. You’re very tense about that. More tension than the healthy competition tension, which can actually help you to be fit and alert. What’s the worst that could happen? What can you do about that? Very often, even the bleakest scenario is not so bad: you certainly won’t be fired or thrown out of the room with jeering laughter. This allows you to bring the emotions back to normal proportions.


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