Once You Have Your Sitemap

Before we dive into all the goodies, let’s quickly review how search engines crawl and index web pages. Google and other search engines are not designed to rely on manual submissions. Search engines have their own bots that automatically crawl the web looking for sites and pages to index. Paraguay WhatsApp Number List They look for new links on the site and follow them.  Side note – this is why a solid backlink strategy is so important! Paraguay WhatsApp Number List While submitting your website is never necessary, there are many reasons why submitting your website to Google is sometimes a good idea. Sometimes it takes time for search engines to discover a new website or web page.

Notify Google Directly Of Your Website

In some cases, your site won’t pop up in the SERPs even after a few weeks. If this happens to you and you really want your site to start ranking well, submitting your site to Google is a good idea. Paraguay WhatsApp Number List Here are the main reasons we submit your website: You can tell Google about major changes on your site , content updates, or which pages are the most important. Paraguay WhatsApp Number List When you submit your site to Google, you can also use different tools to help you improve your site. In the dashboard, Google will give you some insights into how it views your site. Although your site may be visible to Google whether you submit it or not, given that it’s such a quick and easy process, it’s sometimes best not to take chances with SEO.

How to submit a website to Google

Submitting your website is quick and easy – usually, the process only takes a few minutes. Paraguay WhatsApp Number List Before you start, consider the following: Your website needs to have a sitemap set up correctly (if not, you will need backend access). Paraguay WhatsApp Number List You need to set up Google Search Console and verify your site ownership. If you’re wondering what a sitemap is, it’s usually an XML file that lists all the pages found on your site. Paraguay WhatsApp Number List You can usually find your sitemap. If you’ve just created a new website and expect it to pop up on Google right away, you’re probably going to be disappointed.


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