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And reach a larger audience. But even the “old cow” in the video social network space, YouTube, has the power to give your content an extra boost: YouTube remains the second largest search engine just behind Google. By adding the most important keywords to your video description, your videos can reach a larger audience. Add some links in your video description and even within the video, and you can drive extra traffic to your blog post from your videos on YouTube. Copy right Mushroom Media Learn how to drive traffic to your blog from social media with “The Social Traffic Code” eBook. traffic code 4. Content updates. Some additional traffic sources for your blog can be accessed simply by adding some additional content forms and use them to update a blog post.

A more indirect way to increase your traffic is to use content updates within your blog posts to get more signups for your email list. Many marketing and social media bloggers take this opportunity to grow their email list much faster than without content updates. What are content updates? Content updates are pieces of content that you offer to readers of your blog post, in exchange for their email address. The content update should be closely related to the topic of the blog post. The goal is to offer additional information to your audience at the exact moment they are looking for content from these topics and are already consuming content from your (your blog posts).

Content Updates Often Convert

Much better than the free reports or whitepapers you offer on your blog for the simple reason that they are much better targeted. Probably the easiest way to update content is a simple PDF of the blog post that your audience can download in exchange for their email address. Or offer a condensed version of an ultra-long list. Whatever you do, think about how you can offer Jordan phone number something that matches the theme of your blog post and offer it to update a blog post. If you want to learn more about content updates and how to integrate them into your blog posts, Backlinko’s Brian Dean wrote an extensive post on how to set them up and use them to grow your email signups. bildschirmfoto-2016-10-31-um-14-38-23 Image Source: Backlinko 5.

Jordan Phone Number

Additional Posts Have you ever thought of writing more than one article on a topic? Why would you if you don’t want to cover the same topic on your blog over and over again? Think about guest posting. When you can write about a topic once, most of the time you won’t have a problem writing a second or even a third article on this topic. These are perfect guest posts – when a topic is good enough for your own blog, it has a chance of appearing as a guest post on someone else’s blog. when a topic is good enough for your own blog, it’s good enough to make it a guest post click to tweet If you take a look at famous guest bloggers, you may have noticed that they often cover the same topic over and over again.

The Score Attributed To Each Pin

For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG 5) Smart Feed Service is now the last step to create your smart feed It brings together the pins chosen by the smart feed content generator with a “frozen view” of the feed as it looked the last time you viewed it. In this way, the Smart Feed service combines “old” pins with “new” pins. bildschirmfoto-2016-10-26-um-12-34-19 Image Source: Pinterest Blog 6) The score attributed to each pin by Smart Feed Worker is based on several factors. Today, your home feed displays what Pinterest calls the “Smart Feed.” Here’s how the Smart Feed works and how you can conquer it to get more traffic from Pinterest.

Domain quality (similar to Google domain authority). If a domain’s pins always respond well to the Pinterest audience, a new pin will score higher than a pin from a domain with low-quality pins. Pin Quality – Instead of looking at how well all the pins on a domain look alike, this looks at the quality of a given pin. A good quality pin has the power to stay relevant for some time, although freshness seems to play a role in pin quality. Pinner Quality – A pin from a pinner whose pins often get a lot of positive feedback, such as repins, likes, and clicks, will score higher than a pinner whose pins don’t get any feedback. Topic relevance: While the other factors seem straightforward, topic relevance is a bit more complicated. How does a pin connect to a certain topic?

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