5 Ways to Optimize Lebanon Phone Number Marketing ROI

Lebanon Phone number
Lebanon Phone Number

Blogs, ebooks, whitepapers, guides, webinars, case studies, and videos. The content marketing Lebanon Phone number opportunities available to modern enterprises are abundant. But there is such a thing as too much choice and, though marketers have access to an increasingly diverse array of channels, optimising return on investment (ROI) remains elusive. It’s no Lebanon Phone Number surprise that 39% believe proving ROI is one of their biggest challenges. So how do you get the best bang for your marketing buck? By making your content achieve its full Lebanon Phone Numberpotential and finding better ways to measure its success.

Upcycle Existing Lebanon Phone Number Content

Subscribing to the age-old Lebanon Phone Number adage of ‘if it ain’t broke. Thus, don’t fix it’. But the key to extracting maximum value from your initial investment is to take that piece of content and think about how it can apply to additional formats and channels. For instance. Thus, if you have an ebook that’s full of useful advice for new and existing clients. Plus, why not turn it into an on-demand. Moreover, step-by-step webinar? Alternatively. Thus, you could pull Lebanon Phone Number out individual snippets of information and create a series of short videos based on the insights they provide or host a podcast on an important topic.

You could even consider creating Lebanon Phone Number bespoke gifs or slideshows using the most eye-catching statistics and sharing them on relevant social media channel. That way. Thus, you can increase awareness. Thus, an interest in your products or services in a way that’s easier to digest and better suited to modern sensibilities. Just remember to include a link back to the original: aside from the SEO benefits. Thus, this gives potential customers the option of delving even deeper into a particular subject at their discretion.



Ungate Key Content Lebanon Phone Number

In a recent post, we examined Lebanon Phone Number the relative merits of gated and ungated content. We concluded that this doesn’t have to be an ‘either or’ decision; the best marketing strategies make use of both approaches. Gating content is great for identifying prospects. But it’s not great for the user experience. Worse, it Lebanon Phone Number can act as a barrier between that excellent piece of long-form content you spent so much time and effort creating, and your audience. So, if a particular piece of content is failing to drive traffic and justify your initial investment Lebanon Phone Number, it’s probably time to ungate it. Typically, this is achieved by turning it into a pillar page that can be accessed directly from your website. Now your audience can benefit from your expert insight without having to hand over their personal information for the privilege.

Once your content has been ungated Lebanon Phone Number, search engines can also index it. Alongside referrals, email, social media, and those who arrive on your site directly, this adds organic traffic to the list of channels guiding people towards your expert content. Fungating content isn’t an automatic guarantee of success. But it opens your content up to a wider audience.


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