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And data collection as the missing link in the marketing process. Pointing out different methods on how to monitor the various channels that sell the most event tickets and how to use that data to optimize the marketing process. Identify quick wins for lead generation based on the current state of social media Identify opportunities to drive more traffic to a business blog Explain the first steps and best practices for guest blogging to boost a young business Establish a basic sales funnel starting with lead generation, explain the importance of lead nurturing, and how to build anticipation before a product launch. Provide tips on great apps and tools to help set up the process.

Provide first social media insights to a total newbie and help choose the best social media to start building branding and generating traffic based on the content situation and business niche. It helps to set up different landing pages to test user preferences for product features. Help setting up a process that allows statistical assumptions about user preferences Identify your next steps in your marketing journey, all you need is 90 minutes Launching tomorrow: our offer to get your marketing back on track, together. Starting tomorrow, we’re offering 90-minute consulting calls, which you can book online. This is what we offer: 90 minute consultation session with both of you.

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Of booking, or your money back Strict approach to the call: assessment of the situation, objectives and metrics, next steps. Follow-up calls available at a reduced price In this way we give the most valuable part of a consulting project, condensed into a 90-minute Skype meeting or videoconference. The True ROI of Online Marketing Consulting Published: 2016-11-16 This article is part of a series of posts on marketing consulting. You can find the first Costa Rica phone numbers  article in this series here: Online Marketing Consulting: All I Needed Was a Simple Answer. In the past, we were in a situation where we were desperately looking for help with our marketing process, but we couldn’t find the expert who could give us the answers we needed.

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And we couldn’t afford the marketing gurus. time consulting project. A little help from an expert may have prevented our failure Most of you probably already know our story: We founded a startup a few years ago: a publishing platform called exploreB2B. We had no marketing idea and we failed bitterly, at first. We tried everything, from all social networks. Tested different types of posts and various types of content. We created videos that we hoped would magically spread like wildfire; we write articles. Some of which we publish on our own platform, some of which we publish as guest posts.

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In other words, To increase the followers of our Fanpage, we test Google Adwords and much more. A little help from an expert can easily prevent failures click to tweet.  Before you read any further, we have several resources that show.  You exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE. Pinterest Marketing Ebook But in the end, it was three fairly small changes in our marketing.  That led to marketing success and eventually the exponential growth. Of the exploreB2B publishing platform. Content Marketing – A consistent content marketing strategy that included content we create ourselves. Content we publish on our platform, and content we publish as guest posts. Was the first step towards marketing success.

Therefore, The content helped us add value to our social media accounts and show. Our potential customers how they could use our platform. Enforcing Twitter Growth: A brief introduction to the fundamentals. Of Twitter follower growth was at the core of our marketing success. Using the follow and unfollow routine, engaging with followers and influencers on Twitter. And using the author bio in our guest posts helped us quickly grow our Twitter audience and traffic to our website. Discovering that a place to post content was exactly. What people were looking for and the simple strategy of inviting people to “post your content to exploreb2b”. Via Twitter direct messages made Twitter a lead generation powerhouse.

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