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Knowing the right person to ask could have saved us a lot of time and money, and maybe even prevented our startup from failing. In the past, we didn’t have a speed dial marketing expert, so we had to take the long road and learn it all ourselves. That was not ideal and we believe that no one should have to do that. The answers to your marketing questions are now available. There are experts (like us) who can easily solve your problems and give you the knowledge you need. You just have to have the opportunity to ask the right expert your specific questions.

We know how to get your marketing back on track In the last two days we talked about how online marketing consulting breaks, you can read the last 2 articles here and here. As a quick overview of what we’re talking about in these 2 articles, let me tell you this: Online marketing consulting doesn’t work because too often it’s organized into projects that are too large in scope. Modern online marketing is a series of small steps, of testing assumptions, collecting data, and deciding the next step based on that data. A marketing consulting project that tries to plan for more than a couple of days or weeks at a time won’t work in reality. You don’t need a whole marketing consulting project and many young, small or independent businesses can’t afford it anyway.

You Also Shouldn’t Need

To spend a lot of time searching for all the experience you need and amassing a wealth of marketing theory. The solution is short high-intensity marketing sessions with a marketing expert. And that is exactly what we want to give you! Your Rental Marketing Expert We’ve already hinted that we’re Colombia phone numbers  working on a solution: a better way to give you expert marketing insights exactly when you need them. Tomorrow we will offer you this. Here is the basic concept: Hey, before you read on, we have several FREE detailed guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE.

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Eginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Starting tomorrow, we will be offering 90-minute consultation calls (either via Skype or a video conferencing service). You will be able to book us directly from our website and we guarantee that you will get your appointment within 7 days. These sessions will be laser focused on giving you the knowledge and ideas on how to proceed. Why 90 minutes? Because that’s all it takes to:Get expert marketing knowledge exactly when you need it: Your Marketing Expert for Hire – All it takes is 90 minutes. assess your situation identify goals and metrics decide next steps We will make follow-up calls available at a reduced rate. You don’t have to hire us for days or weeks or buy a down payment, but you can book our expertise exactly when you need us: for example, when you’re stuck and don’t know how to proceed.

When Your Marketing Process

Working as well as you’d like and you need an expert to help you identify the best ways to optimize and scale. We have seen in the past that in many consulting projects, the most valuable time for the client is the first hour or two. In this relatively short time, the worst pitfalls are identified and pressing questions are answered. We’re not talking about setting up a complete marketing strategy in 90 minutes. That would be nonsense. We are talking about the daily obstacles or inconveniences that prevent you from reaching your goals. We strongly believe that you need to develop some marketing expertise within your company. But we can help you learn faster and avoid negative reactions.

We can help you grow, scale and advance. When are 90 consulting sessions right for you? Our 90-minute consulting calls are right for you whenever you want to consult with marketing experts to determine the next steps in your marketing journey, or if you have some specific questions you want to ask the experts. Wondering what kind of questions we can answer and what kind of help we can provide in 90 minutes? Here are some examples of 60- to 90-minute consulting calls we’ve done in the past: Analyze a Twitter account and point out why the account with several thousand followers is not getting engagement, traffic, or leads. Show how the account can provide value to the target audience and generate traffic and leads.

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