Perspectives on Digital Identity, by Fadhila Brahimi

Fadhila Brahimi is an expert in Personal Branding and Community Management, she regularly intervenes in the French and Algerian media on the Social Web and as a speaker. Certified coach of the International Coach Federation, she is Director of the firm FB-Associés (2005) and initiator of the Personal Branding Blog . We are in the era of All Digital and the Knowledge and Knowledge Economy. More than a techno-economic evolution, it is a cultural re-volution! Here you are with a Digital Identity that you must manage in a space Denmark WhatsApp Number where the boundaries between public life/private life, personal life/professional life are porous. Whether or not you want to be visible, your digital identity is valuable intangible capital to maintain. And more particularly, the search for information on 123 People or Webmii – two people search engines.

Personal Branding and Community Management

And will become even more powerful with the rise of communicating objects and augmented reality techniques. Your digital identity is multiple. Denmark WhatsApp Number It is partly fueled by your footsteps but also those of others (those who talk about you) and transcribed by men and machines: – What you say about yourself and how the message is perceived – What you associate with yourself (photo, image, video) and how the symbols are perceived – What constitutes your network (people, productions, opinions) and the way in which you interact Between the strategy of fear (“Help, my digital identity no longer belongs to me”) and that of envy (“Good management of my digital identity will offer me opportunities”); there is a third voice: that of learning to navigate in this new space for the benefit of your life project. How to maintain this digital identity? Once upon a time the Far-Web-Stern….

Your Universe of Fulfillment and Visibility

Denmark WhatsApp Number
Denmark WhatsApp Number

The rules of the game are co-opetition, evaluation and a subtle harmony between free and monetization. The challenge is therefore to bear in mind that your digital presence only has value. If it is active conversational, content-generating and linked to others. Denmark WhatsApp Number It will increase in audience only if it interacts, co-produces and welcomes the gaze of others. Although, It will benefit from a “sympathy capital” by participating in the intellectual and emotional enrichment of the Community. A digital identity is unique and communal! In this universe, business, organization and individual evolve together.

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