Play Mario With Your Eyes

You can’t have missed it. A film on Facebook will be released in October, retracing the beginnings of the social network and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. Web obliges, parodies are already available on the subject. Here is one particularly well seen: the trailer for the film on the launch of Youtube! The video is rhythmic and coherent, you almost believe it. Between spam, ridiculous videos and takeover by Google, Youtube is summarized Switzerland WhatsApp Number in a rather funny way. A trailer to see! Yes, you read that right… The smart guys at Waterloo labs have developed a system for playing Mario with your eyes. With just a few sensors installed… They even show how to redo the operation, which doesn’t look simple.

The Smart Guys at Waterloo

The game doesn’t look easy to maneuver, but the laziest of you won’t even need to touch the controller to get your daily dose of Mario. Hats off to the geeks.Not content with being one of the best films of recent months, Inception (by Christopher Nolan with Léonardo di Caprio and Marion Cotillard) is also a rather mind-blowing web phenomenon. Switzerland WhatsApp Number This has always been true: as soon as a product works, it gets parodied. It is valid for Twilight, the Simpsons, the cats… And even Keanu Reeves.

The Trailer for the Film on the Launch

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But with Inception, we reach a rather remarkable level. Parodies multiply in images or videos. It’s the summer meme you shouldn’t miss… If you’ve seen the movie (or haven’t), this should amuse you. Videos On the video side, what has worked best is probably the hijacking of trailers from other films with the Inception soundtrack. Switzerland WhatsApp Number It is generally very successful. Here are three examples: The Simpsons, Toy Story 3, Matrix and Titanic. Really cool mash-ups.

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