Qatar was selected as the fifth person for a reason

Qatar was selected as the fifth person for a reason. It pursues a tightrope policy and apparently fell out with the GCC. In fact, outside the Iraq-Turkey alliance, Qatar is also the location of the largest US air force base and space air base in the Middle East. Moreover, Qatar is “super, explosive, rich, and rich.” When Turkey and Iran are eating dirt, without Qatar secretly stuffing money, it may really be over. (BTW Qatar Sovereign Fund also invests in Taiwan, and sells a lot of natural gas in Taiwan.) Even if there is a stalemate with GCC, privately they will pass the word to Saudi Arabia through the peacemaker in Kuwait and Bahrain.

Some critics says

The Israeli-Arab alliance is against Iran. Which South Africa Phone Number is at best, because Turkey’s expansion is a new situation that many people have not followed. As long as the alliance is formed with Afghanistan. Turkey and Iraq will have to face a regional alliance stronger than the GCC. With the support of the United States, it is not only enough to put pressure on both sides. But Qatar is also difficult to fight against Israel.

If someone starts, it’s much easier, next is Bahrain. Bahrain is a high-ranking Arab peacemaker. The Saudi royal family started out with Bahrain’s entanglement. In addition to being a peacemaker, Bahrain is also worried about the threat of Iran, so when the United States pulls the strings, it also moves along the way.

The super chaos in the Middle East

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The cause of headaches for the powers in the past, but now the chaos in the Middle East has just given the United States a point of strength. The power vacuum in Syria is the background. In the Yemen proxy war mentioned earlier, the Arab League has private exchanges with Israel for intelligence and military force, which makes the Arab League the first to establish diplomatic relations with Israel.

The BBC report mentioned that in addition to economic and trade benefits brought by normalization of diplomacy. Israel not need to worry about Arab countries when confronting Turkey in the future. If the alliance needs to strike Iran. The air base in the Persian Gulf may be used by Israeli warplanes. Of course, normalizing Israeli relations should also help resolve the Yemen battlefield. A Lenovo grabbed the toy, but it seems that he has no intention of falling out with the Saudi brothers.

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