Remarketing Lists for Shopping Ads Germany Mobile Number

You can now add a remarketing audience to your Shopping ad groups or campaigns. As with RLSAs, they can be used to modify bids or to target only people on a remarketing list.

Combine that with the powerful new Customer Match feature where you can build an audience list by importing the email addresses of your current customers.

You can then, for example, increase bids for customers who tend to place high-value orders and decrease bids for customers who buy very little and have. (You offer free shipping, right? Eighty-eight percent of consumers say free shipping makes them more likely to buy.)

10. Automated Extensions for Shopping Ads

As I said in my column on Shopping ads last year, there was no point in adding promotional text to ad groups because hardly any users would ever see it, and Google has now retired that feature. Now, Google will automatically try to make your ad more clickable by including details about your promotions.

For this to work, make sure you’ve added a Germany Mobile Number promotions feed in your Merchant Center and keep your prices up to date so Google can indicate when there’s a price drop and a great opportunity for potential buyers to drop their Plastic.

Now that promotional text from Shopping ads has been remove, Google can automatically enhance Shopping ads with Auto Ad Extensions like these.

Sync product groups with your merchant feed

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Even after taking the time to create a well-structured set of ad groups with well-divided product groups, your AdWords structure may not be in sync with your merchant feed data.

To make sure you never lose any potential sales, I recommend always having a low-priority catch-all shopping campaign that targets everything in your feed. This way, you’ll always have the option of running an ad for a product you’re selling.

I also recommend that you avoid getting too many clicks from these types of catch-all campaigns or “everything else” product groups, as this is like buying only broad match keywords for ads. Search Network: great for generating lots of traffic, but bad for giving you control over your ROI.

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