Remember Wikipedia’s Moderation Process

Since Wikipedia is such a large site, so many links are dead that it’s hard for moderators to keep track of all of them. You can also edit Wikipedia pages directly. Note that moderators check your links, so anything that looks suspicious will be a red flag for them.  You can take advantage of this and look around for more link building opportunities that go far beyond Wikipedia. If you implement this method for just a few web pages, you will soon see an exponential increase in your chances of building authoritative and valuable backlinks.

 Discover More Backlink

But how do you find these broken links and possible backlink opportunities? WikiGrabber is a super powerful tool for discovering backlink opportunities in Wikipedia. Nigeria Phone Number List Google then pulls up many Wikipedia pages with dead links related to your search term. Nigeria Phone Number List Then you need to press ctrl+f to locate the dead link. Once you’ve identified and found a few broken links, you’ll need to copy the URL and paste it into the Wayback Machine tool. This tool conveniently shows you what the page looked like before it was deleted.

Building Opportunities

You can then review and determine if this content is relevant to your site. Once you’ve identified a dead link on Wikipedia, you can The more backlinks to it, the better, because it means it’s a topic people want to link to. Create a brand new web page or update pre-existing content. Cover all your bases and make it a piece of content that Wikipedia wants to link to. You can use tools like Buzzstream to help you find your webmaster’s contact details, and create customizable email templates to send request backlinks to your site.

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