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Do you know the Global Peace Index? Launched in May 2007 by The economist magazine, this prize establishes a ranking of the most peaceful countries in the world (or the least at war, it depends). Level of urban violence, military budget or international relations are among the criteria. You will be able to consult the results via a map or in a list. Do not hesitate to Russia WhatsApp Number compare the figures from one year to another. France ranks 32nd out of 149. New Zealand remains in the lead, followed by Iceland and Japan.

The Economist Magazine

At the back of the pack, Iraq, Somalia and Afghanistan bring up the rear. We can also note the 85th place of the United States, behind China and Rwanda…College Humor had already offered us a parody of web browsers . Russia WhatsApp Number They put the cover back with humor by focusing this time on the biggest sites on the web. What if 4chan, Google, Facebook and others were animals? The result is successful, as always. And yes, don’t worry, there is a cat. Youtube takes care of that.

College Humor Had Already Offered

Russia WhatsApp Number
Russia WhatsApp Number

You may remember the Black Oil plugin , which blacked out keywords related to BP and the oil spill. The concept has been extended, and allows anyone to disappear from a Web page. Russia WhatsApp Number Simply fill in the first name, last name, and possibly the Facebook page, Twitter account and blog of the person concerned. You can enter up to 4 different people, then you download the plugin and that’s it! no more traces of these people on the web…

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