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South Africa Phone Number
South Africa Phone Number

Blend and Cass Telecom have South Africa Phone Number worked together to create a highly successful inbound program that. Thus, within a year. Plus, has seen a new website launched into a competitive enterprise market. Thus, and generated in excess of 2. Thus,000 visits and 50 qualified leads per month. Cass Telecom. Thus, a division of Cass Information Systems. Therefore, is a leading North American provider of enterprise telecom expense South Africa Phone Number management services and solutions. Founded more than 100 years ago. Thus, Cass Information Systems is a long-standing and recognised leader in enterprise expense management across freight. Thus, utilities and telecoms.

Objectives and South Africa Phone Number Challenges

Uniquely. Plus, the company’s South Africa Phone Number expense management services are supported by the wholly-owned and federally regulated Cass Commercial Bank. Thus, enabling it to deliver more than $50 billion in payments to over 45. Thus,000 vendors around the world. I publicly traded Cass Information Systems on NASDAQ: CASS. Objectives and challenges To seize growth opportunities in the North American market while simultaneously pursuing rapid South Africa Phone Number expansion in EMEA. Thus, and with a clear plan of what needed to be achieved. Plus, Bouk contacted several agencies in the US and the UK. Plus, looking for HubSpot experts who could also grasp the technical intricacies of the company’s offering and operations. Thus, and bring international flavour to its global marketing presence.

Bouk quickly selected Blend for our South Africa Phone Number demonstrable competence for technical B2B marketing. Plus, uncompromising commitment to quality. Thus, and proven results – and. Plus, of course. Thus, along with improvements to existing pages. Plus, further developing traffic acquisition and lead generation while providing more relevant information to an increasing range of personas. inbound Content marketing and lead generation Once live with the launchpad website.

Launchpad Website South Africa Phone Number

Thus, Blend and Cass quickly South Africa Phone Number set about building relevant traffic and generating leads through frequent content creation. Calling on Cass’ knowledge of the telecom expense management field. Thus, we write and publish blog posts twice weekly. Frequent blogging supports our SEO strategy and drives steadily South Africa Phone Numbers increasing organic search traffic to all areas of the site. Thus, at an average monthly increase of 64% over the 12 months following launch. As always. Thus, the blog posts we write are often technical in content and our ability to understand. Plus, digest and interpret complex subjects to create enjoyable. Thus, effective content is on full display. Blog content also brings existing leads back to the site frequently.

Thus, via the automated blog digest and South Africa Phone Numbers use in the email cadences created by Cass Telecom’s inside sales team. Original. Plus, downloadable content on the emerging and enduring topics that affect buyers. Thus, alongside key pieces from industry analysts. Plus, convert anonymous visitors into to known leads for the sales team to engage. Thus, qualify and nurture.

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