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HubSpot’s native and Peru Phone number Salesforce integration is a well-documented and powerful piece of software. And yet. Thus, what it can and cannot do still comes as a surprise to many organisations hoping to rely on it to effectively connect these two complex systems. Furthermore, there are important nuances to the ways that both systems and the Peru Phone Number integration work that. Thus, if not understood and embraced. Thus, frequently lead to confusion and frustration.

Having worked on a raft of integrations. Plus, we Peru Phone Number consistently see the same struggles arise again and again. In this post. Thus, we’ve pulled all of these. Plus, and their answers or solutions. Thus, into one place. If you’re rolling out a HubSpot Salesforce integration now or in the near future. Thus, read this first


Salesforce Leads vs Peru Phone Number Contacts

The first thing to understand before Peru Phone Number attempting integration is the fundamental differences in how both systems handle the records associated with individuals and. Thus, crucially. Thus, how your organisation is going to operate these.At that moment. Plus, the company information that was on the lead record Peru Phone Number becomes. Thus, or merges with. Plus, the account information and the contact record carries the information pertaining to the individual. When enabling the HubSpot Salesforce integration you are given the choice whether new contact records in HubSpot should create new leads or contacts in Salesforce. Thus, if they do not already exist there and they become eligible to sync (see inclusion list issues below).

Selecting leads as your new record type Peru Phone Number implies that you will operate Salesforce the way it is intended and will manually convert leads and create accounts. Selecting contacts implies that you will bypass lead conversion and account creation in Salesforce. Thus, performing the latter in HubSpot. Both approaches have their pros and cons and result in different constraints being necessary around account creation and management.


Account Creation and Peru Phone Number Duplication

Integrating HubSpot doesn’t change Peru Phone Number this intention. Thus, but may cause you working around it. I configure if HubSpot to create new contacts as leads in Salesforce. Thus, you are effectively electing to continue performing account creation in Salesforce. HubSpot meanwhile treats leads and contacts in Salesforce as just contacts in its Peru Phone Number database. It will look at both Salesforce leads and contacts when deduplicating (using email address only) to ensure it creates or updates the correct record – assuming you don’t have any duplicates across leads and contacts that would cause an error. The assumption here is that a person should not be a contact before they are a lead. Thus, and cannot be both.

We frequently hear statements like ‘we don’t use Peru Phone Number contacts. Thus, we convert our leads straight into opportunities’ and similar. Typically the product of long-term use and either forgetting or never having known the real structure of Salesforce data. Thus, this kind of thinking is wrong and. Plus, frankly. Thus, dangerous.

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