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You exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE Pinterest Marketing Ebook pexels-photo-1By giving your team a list of possible topics, you can improve engagement. For example, start with a list of good topics, pass it out to your potential contributors, and ask them to sign up for a topic they’re excited to write about. Another tactic could be to point out a few blogs that are similar to yours. Get ideas from comments on other blogs too; these comments often showcase popular topics in your industry that you could expand on in full blog posts.

Finally, try directing your team to social networking sites, allowing them to find related topics that are already being discussed as relevant. By providing these suggestions, you can remove one of your writers’ biggest barriers: choosing a writing topic. let them be creative Whether or not you provide a list of possible topics, you should allow your staff writers the freedom to be creative and write about business-related areas that interest them. Your employees will work much harder to produce more blog posts if they write about topics they are passionate about. It’s also important to remember that for many writers, their passion doesn’t necessarily align with their job titles or roles.

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Works in human resources doesn’t mean he might not be interested in writing about a more technical field. Make sure your list of potential topics includes items that are likely to be of interest to a wide range of team members, making it a potential passion project for everyone. If you force your Luxembourg phone number  writers to spend time reading or writing about a topic they don’t care about, you’ll end up with uninspired blog pieces and discouraged writers. Ask each employee personally If you have a large business, it can be tempting to send out an email blast enlisting the help of blog writers. However, group emails seem impersonal and are very easy to ignore, so it is unlikely that you will receive volunteer contributions in this way.

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Instead, approach each of your employees individually to ask if they would consider writing for your company blog. Try to relate your request to the employee’s current work project or personal interest. This will make the task more attuned to the staff member and create less additional responsibility on top of the employee’s current workload. Try to craft a persuasive and personal request that shows your enthusiasm for involving the person. Your staff members are more likely to say yes to this direct invitation to write. Is your content marketing not working as it should, or as you expected? We can help. Join us for a free email course on content marketing.

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Guides on similar topics that you can download. For this post, check out: FREE Workbook: CREATE AWESOME BLOG POSTS FREE. Beginner’s Guide: START A BLOG Learn what’s missing in your content marketing that’s costing.  You all chances of content marketing success. Learn why content delivery is the key to reaching a target audience and get a checklist for.  Your content delivery for each piece of content. Find out how you can create more content without working like a horse. Find out why your content isn’t getting the reactions, shares, and conversions you’d hoped for—and what you need to make it all work! Are you in? Join us here for 4 days and 4 emails! Join us for a free email course on content marketing!

Give them incentives When creating your company blog, you have the option to require everyone to contribute or ask for volunteers. In either case, you want to consider an incentive plan to get more tickets. For example, you could reward your employees with gifts or other benefits for each blog post they produce. Even if it requires minimal participation. You may still be able to offer incentives for exceeding your expectations in terms of duration or amount of contributions. person-woman-apple-hotel. If you want to create an environment where people want to contribute. You’ll need to reinforce this behavior with some form of reward that your employees value.

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