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You want all the amazing Drupal 8 features you’ve heard about. Choose your Drupal 8 module! Coz modules are the cornerstone of any great Drupal edifice. Choosing from thousands of Drupal 8 modules can be daunting. Singapore Phone Number List Top 8 modules in drupal Fortunately, many important contributed modules from Drupal 7 have made their way into Drupal 8 core. You can now add various paragraph field types such as images, text blocks, quotes, slideshows, videos, and more.

Of Course, It’s Not As Simple As It Sounds

This means that you only need to enable these modules after installing Drupal 8. Let’s dive into a short list of the top Drupal 8 modules you must have to build a great digital experience. Singapore Phone Number List Next, we’ll discuss how to choose your Drupal 8 modules. Admin Toolbar Module The Drupal Admin Toolbar module is useful for better navigation for site administrators and site builders. The default toolbar is not very user friendly.

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This module aims to extend the functionality of the toolbar by providing drop down menus that allow easy access to various admin pages. It also provides a submodule to extend its functionality called Admin Toolbar Extra Tools. Singapore Phone Number List This submodule adds more useful links to the admin menu to perform tasks such as flushing caches, running cron, and more. Paragraph module The Drupal 8 Paragraph module empowers content writers and editors alike. It enables them to easily create flexible and structured content.

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