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A targeted audience that I can provide value to. Another alternative could be Mass Planner, which you can read about below. PinBot 3.0 Pinterest can be a great source of traffic for your business, and for some affiliate marketers, it’s also a great source of income. However, Pinterest can also be very time consuming, and many (if not most) people are not massively successful, even if they seem to be doing the same things as everyone else. A key element of Pinterest is that it is not only a social network, but also a search engine, a search engine that will return an endless magazine about your search term.

Pinterest is very visual, so without images, you won’t get the performance you need from Pinterest, and no black hat tool can exclusively help with that. At least not if you still want to have a little “social” in your social activity. If you use PinBot, it’s actually possible to run a Pinterest account (or even many) without doing anything manually, including graphics. I’m not a fan of tools like PinBot, but if all you want is traffic to run an affiliate marketing site in niches like fashion, fitness, or the like, PinBot can really help! PinBot is a complete automation solution for Pinterest PinBot is a complete automation solution for Pinterest PinBot is an application that you buy, download and install on your home computer.

It Must Be Running To Run

Your automation tasks; it is not a web service like Follow. But just like Follow. Social, PinBot will handle your follow activity according to your rules and searches. It can also handle 99% of your activity by pulling and pinning images from sites like Flickr, and re-pinning what other people posted Nepal phone number to their boards. PinBot will also send automated direct messages on Pinterest. This all works by adding keywords to a list that PinBot will use for its research. Now comes the important part: PinBot will add URLs to your pins. You can specify a percentage of URLs that will include one of your URLs, and the rest will be done automatically. If you’ve paid close attention to what I’ve outlined above, you’ll find that PinBot can be a marketing solution for some people.

Nepal Phone Number

It simply includes everything that can be automated in this social network. Does Pinterest care? I don’t know, maybe not right now. But I admit that I think Pinterest may care in the future. However, since PinBot is a local tool that doesn’t use any APIs for many of its functions, it’s a bit more difficult for Pinterest technicians to track its activity. When Twitter decided to crack down on some black hat Twitter tools, they were able to simply remove access to the API and it was all handled. PinBot seems to be a bit more secure. How much is it? $98 for a permanent license. No recurring charges. Nothing bad. I recommend it? This is the million dollar question, right? Well, that depends. If you are willing to set up an affiliate business, have found a profitable niche and can set up multiple websites and all you need is consistent traffic to these sites.

Pinbot Is Worth A Try

However, there is no guarantee that it will work wonders for you. Some people have great success with it, for others it doesn’t work at all. I used an older version of PinBot a while back, it worked reliably. However, PinBot is not a simple solution for the average blogger or for generating traffic to any website. And even if you run a huge niche, Pinterest has an algorithm that seems to be pretty hit and miss. So don’t expect PinBot to be all you need to launch. Alternatives: There are other Pinterest bots, but PinBot seems to be by far the most advanced. However, if you’re active on more than one social network, take a look at MassPlanner.

Mass planner This tool is just crazy. I will never say that I recommend this tool for one simple reason: Mass Planner is dangerous to use. However, the sheer number of features and large number of supported networks make. This a tool of interest to any social media marketer. Mass Planner is similar to PinBot in that it comes as a desktop tool that you need to download and install. It is not similar in that it supports not just one network, but many: Facebook Google+ pinterest Twitter Tumblr LinkedIn Instagram Mass Planner supports just about every possible bit of automation you can extract from these networks. And that includes a lot of things that are illegal on these networks by their terms.

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