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At last ! Here is the return of the Chosen one… The cult saga started in 2006 is back in service with the third part of an unmissable trilogy. The principle is always the same. A stickman has invaded the screen of a computer and is fighting to the death against the user of said computer. All elements of the desktop or software are good in this merciless fight. This time everything starts from Google and continues to Word. A must, must see! Click on tWe have presented Lithuania WhatsApp Number List to you in the last few days statistics on the exchange of data throughout the world and on the statistics of Internet access in the world .

The cult saga started

To inform you about the state of your service stations. The means of communication are still quite numerous: Lithuania WhatsApp Number List The regional sites of  have opened a space where everyone can report stations that are open or closed, restocked or dry… As here with Rennes for example Remember to consult your regional or local information sites, which most of the time deal with the shortage from a “practical” angle with the list of open or closed stations, always on a contributory model. Look at Erwann Gaucher’s post on this subject, it includes the main sites that talk about the lack of gasoline and which indicate the places where you can find it, regional dailies in mind.

The Cult Saga Started


Lithuania WhatsApp Number List
Lithuania WhatsApp Number List

The principle is very good, but there is a lack of participants, too bad! Another forum, more extensive: the section “Where to find gasoline?” » from the Automoto forum (the TF1 show) also offers a topic for each department. There are quite a number of contributions there. With motorists fairly regularly filing their information on stations that are open or closed, in a state of shortage or have petrol available again. Seen on the website: the mobicarbu+ iPhone application , originally designed to provide information on the price of fuel at service stations, includes a system to see which pumps are empty.

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