Story of Electronics, a History of Electronics in Video

The pollution generated by electronic waste is more than worrying: it represents 25 million tons of waste per year. Enormous… Released 3 years ago, the film “Story of stuff” (“The story of things”) by Annie Leonard narrated in a deceptively naive way the problems caused by over-consumption and the race for gadgets. You can view the French subtitled version of the video. We then shot the story of cosmetics, the water bottle and the carbon exchange. Story of electronics “Story of electronics”, by the same director takes up the torch. And this time focuses more Iceland WhatsApp Number List precisely on the pollution generated by electronics. From manufacturing to destruction, you will know everything about this very polluting industry, always with these very particular and very educational drawings.

The Pollution Generated by Electronic Waste Is More Than

And the video gives avenues for improvement, at the end: and if, for example, the manufacturers themselves had to take care of the waste, this would perhaps encourage them to produce less objects “designed for landfill”. »? Without being a call to decrease or non-consumption, this realization is very intelligent, and inevitably encourages reflection.Do you like old-fashioned black and white photos? This site allows you to transform your photos into retro shots very easily. Simply upload your photo to put it through the grinder. The result is quite nice, with a curvy gray frame and a sepia color that will (maybe) remind you of another generation of photos. To store among your sites here to keep on hand when you want to quickly edit your images! An image gallery is available if you want to get an idea.

the video gives avenues for improvement

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This also means that your photo will be visible to everyone, so avoid too private shots… You all know this famous video where a kind of zombie appears on the screen in the middle of nothing, surprising (if possible) the person watching. It’s a great classic that has been running for a few years now. Put a pinch of fake (yes it’s big anyway) and you’ll get a viral video par excellence.

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