Strategically Target “Simple” Keywords First

As you can see, we are trying to rank for the topic: SEO Tools. It has 12,000 monthly searches with a difficulty of 79. This is our central/pillar theme. Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List All the surrounding keyword ideas are different types of SEO tools. These articles or landing pages will then link internally to our SEO Tools Center page, creating a strong relationship with each other. Organize your keywords into topics and link them together internally for higher rankings and traffic. Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List It also keeps you focused and spends less time on spreadsheets so you can create more.

Now You Know How To Find

Now that you’ve organized your keyword list into topics, it’s time to start using them. But wait! Not all keywords are created equal. Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List For some keywords, you can get to page 1 in the SERPs in as little as a few weeks. But for many of the more difficult terms, you may have to wait months or years to see results. Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List Look. This article barely scratches the surface of how to do keyword research – it’s never complete. But now that you have the tools and strategies in hand, you can conduct competitive keyword research for yourself in just a few hours.

Your Competitor’s Keywords

Google Trends is an SEO tool that allows you to compare the popularity of search terms and trends . In other words, it gives you insight into the hottest search trends right now and trends that have grown in popularity over time (if you will). Cayman Islands WhatsApp Number List Before we dive into how to use Google Trends, keep these 3 things in mind: Google Trends is mostly used for keyword research and content marketing strategies Google Trends is different from Google Keyword Planner : [While Google Trends features the relative popularity of search terms, the Google Keyword Planner only shows overall search volume data as-is].



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