Strategy This Strategy, Also Known as Market Attack and Positioning , is About Uniting Strengths and

Opportunities , Which Can Be Used to Exploit the Same Market Opportunities in Which the Company is Located, and Thus Differentiate Itself From Its Competition. The Key to This is to Focus on Strengths While Exploiting New Opportunities. It Usually Occurs in Young Companies or Startups With Innovative Services. Defensive Strategy This Strategy, Typical of Large Consolidated Companies in the Market, Arises From Combining the Strengths and Threats That the Company is Facing. It is Nothing More or Less Than Facing Threats by Making Use of the Strengths of the Business to Make It Stronger.

Retargeting Strategy for the

Reorientation of the Nigeria Phone Number Business, It is Essential to Unite the Weaknesses and Opportunities to Maximize Them in the Same Market.In this case, in this strategy .It is designed to exploit the opportunities in case of not .Being able to correct the weaknesses. Survival strategy this strategy tries to find. Out what the weaknesses of the business are .And how they can be corrected to face the threats of the .Market and thus prevent the weaknesses .From growing by reducing the negative aspects. That harm the business. Differences between. Swot and came now let’s see the difference between. Swot analysis and came analysis: the swot or swot matrix is ​​an initial. Analysis where we study the strengths , weaknesses. Opportunities and threats of a company..

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The Came Matrix is ​​an

Analysis That Allows Us to Study the Future Actions That We Will Carry Out to: C Orrectify Weaknesses . To Confront the Threats . M Aintain Strengths . Exploit New or Opportunities .So the swot analysis and the. Came are closely related, since one is the starting. Point of the business process analysis .(swot) and they are the future actions that we must carry .Out to achieve the company’s objectives. Other business analysis that will interest you. You can complement your swot analysis and came analysis. With the pestel analysis and porter’s 5 forces analysis. Among others, such as the canvas business model.Which is very useful when we are starting a new business. What do you think of this article about the came analysis.




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