Important To Remember That Success Is Not Always Immediate

Adwords Image Source: Aumcore Another important thing to keep in mind, don’t be afraid to let something go if it no longer works, even if you were initially creating the conversions you wanted to see. Adapt and respond to the results your campaigns produce to find the system your business will use for the long haul. Initially, it may seem like your spending outweighs the results you’re producing, but once you find the campaigns, keywords, and placements that work, that’s priceless.Here are 3 ways to fix common Google AdWords mistakes and double your ROI! Many companies end up spending thousands of dollars to be left with nothing. These three fixes address the most common mistakes businesses make with Google AdWords.

Going in with a broad approach, getting carried away with talking too much about your business, and using shortcuts that only produce instant results will inevitably hurt your brand. Remember: Be specific. Ask previous customers what keywords they used to find you, and weed out the search items you’re spending too much on. Take a user-centric approach. Address questions your users may have about what your business has to offer. Act like the turtle! There is a lot of truth in childhood stories, and it can be applied to your PPC campaign; go slow and steady thinking about what your brand looks like in the long run.
How to gamify your mobile application successfully? Published: 2017-01-18 The following is a guest article by Steve Urkel.

Steve Works As A Marketing Specialist

For a web development company called Fortune Innovations Dubai. He is a passionate marketer with a talent for writing about websites, apps, content management systems, and technology trends. Well, you have launched your first mobile app and it has seen millions of downloads in a matter of weeks. So what’s next? Enjoying the success of launching your first app? No, there is a long road ahead. Your app is not successful yet, it has only Denmark phone number  seen a few downloads. What if the users who downloaded your app simply uninstall it for some reason? It only takes a second for users to uninstall an app, and you should never give them that second where they feel like the app isn’t worth having on their device. So what can you do to make users uninstall the app?

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And the answer is: gamification! Before you read any further, we have several resources that show you exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE Pinterest Marketing Ebook Gamification is nothing more than building some game-like features into non-game applications to make them more interesting. Who doesn’t like games? There are very few who are not attracted to games. So getting the gamification right keeps your app users engaged and satisfied. And the result: they just refer you to their friends and other circles. So how do you gamify a mobile app the right way?

Below Are 7 Easy Ways To Successfully

Gamify a mobile app. Look at them. Offer users some rewards This is probably the easiest way to keep your audience engaged while also giving them a sense of accomplishment. Yes, you can simply have some rewards in the form of points or anything that users get when they do a particular activity in the app; this gives them the feeling of achieving something, and they try to have more rewards. The rewards do not necessarily have to be points; it can be anything related to your application. For example, Uber offers frequent riders some discount on their next trips. That’s their way of keeping the audience engaged and satisfied. It keeps them engaged and users will not think to uninstall the app as they will lose the rewards already earned.

Have leader boards leader board While rewards make users keep the app, leaderboards make them keep using the app. If there is a leaderboard in the app that is shown to users saying you are the top scorer, it adds some competitiveness to the app. And what’s interesting is that the audience keeps using the app to stay on top. But this will happen only if the app has something good to offer users. No one will use an app just for the leaderboard, even if the app has nothing. It even gets competitive when two friends and colleagues use your app; they’ll have a friendly competition with each other to come out on top, and they’ll have to be hooked on the app to make it.

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