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Optimizing images for SEO is often an afterthought for many websites. Romania Phone Number List Here are some tips to get you started. Here’s the alt text for the images on this page: “Sample Meta Description on On-Page SEO Checklist”. Although you can’t see the image, the alt text attribute gives you a clear idea of ​​what the image is about. Romania Phone Number List Page speed is an important SEO ranking factor that you can’t ignore. Many websites use and require large images, which increase the time it takes for their pages to load.

 Synonyms And LSI Keywords

The longer your page loads, the shorter your dwell time, and in turn the lower your ranking This is solved by running all images through an image size compressor like ShortPixel. Romania Phone Number List Another way to increase page speed is to install Instant Page. It’s a small piece of Javascript code that makes your internal pages load incredibly fast. Romania Phone Number List Having a good internal linking strategy is crucial to helping your page boost search rankings. Research shows that search engines rank pages not only based on search query relevance, but also on topic relevance.

Image size compression

For example, let’s say you’re trying to rank pages for an “on-page SEO checklist.” You’ve followed the steps we’ve outlined in this article, but you’re still struggling to get to the first page. Romania Phone Number List This is partly because your page is located on an island. Google can find it, but they won’t be able to rank it correctly without getting the right signal. In the SEO world, links are like polls, telling search engines which pages are relevant, accurate, and worthy of attention. Using the same example, if you created an internal link to this post from another resource within our SEO Center, it would rank higher. Romania Phone Number List We could talk forever about internal linking and its role in SEO, but that’s another day.

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