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Google Trends is an SEO tool that allows you to compare the popularity of search terms and trends . In other words, it gives you insight into the hottest search trends right now and trends that have grown in popularity over time (if you will). Latvia WhatsApp Number List Before we dive into how to use Google Trends, keep these 3 things in mind. Is mostly used for keyword research and content marketing strategies Google Trends is different from Google Keyword Planner : [While Google Trends features the relative popularity of search terms, the Google Keyword Planner only shows overall search volume data as-is].

So, How Should You Use This Data In

You see, volume [Google Keyword Planner] vs popularity [Google Trends] – need more explanation because they are not the same thing. Well…imagine a room with 11 people, the president gets 10 points every time he raises his hand, and the floor members get 1 point. If only the President raises his hand in favor of a particular post and charts it, Latvia WhatsApp Number List GKP interprets it as 10 votes, while GT shows only 1 vote. we take? We believe that being able to eliminate duplicate searches, such as from the same person in a short period of time, will give you a better understanding of the keywords you’re searching for, leading to better results. So, back to how exactly do you use Google Trends? Here are 7 sure-fire ways to…

Your Overall Content Marketing Strategy

Is it a good idea to sell umbrellas to people with colds at home? No! So use Google Trends to find out what’s trending this season – and target content accordingly. Latvia WhatsApp Number List You’ll notice a sharp uptick around Rihanna’s release of “Umbrella,” but the real data to focus on here is the spike in search terms that occurred in June, which represents the start of the rainy season in the U.S. . Latvia WhatsApp Number List This makes sense, as this coincides with the type of information that most of your target market is looking for.


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