Summer 2010 Contest: It’s Up to You!

The summer job blog contest starts this year a little earlier than usual. You’ve seen it, it’s not the only novelty! A partner joined us for the occasion: the famous site Alapage . A new category is opening this year, reserved for “web workers”. More than 4,000 euros in prizes are at stake! There is something for everyone! blogging contest This year, 6 categories have been set up. The acceptance condition remains the same. Your blog must India WhatsApp Number address current events in your sector, your profession, must relate to your job search or take stock of your skills. Here are the 6 categories: 1 – Prize for the best employment blog : this is a prize based on the general relevance of a blog.

A Partner Joined Us for the Occasion

These can deal with their job, the evolution of their sector, give advice or give a professional analysis of new web tools. 3 – Prize for the best ticket: it is a question of rewarding the best tickets (articles) present on the blogs previously registered. India WhatsApp Number The theme of the post may be an anecdote, advice, experience or any other element related to the labor market or job search. This is to reward bloggers who have succeeded in managing.

The Evolution of Their Sector

India WhatsApp Number
India WhatsApp Number

This is to reward bloggers who have succeeded in managing. Although, Their online employability thanks to original operations: video CV, comic strip, event, original approach, conceptualization of research, etc. These operations can be one-off or long-term. Relay the contest Your blog does not talk about employment or you want to optimize your chances? Relay the contest! Because, If you mention the competition in one of your posts. You will participate in a draw to win a netbook. A multimedia hard drive, a 30GB MP3/MP4 player and cinema tickets.

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