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Drupal 8’s API-first architecture took its first steps, introducing REST APIs in the core (Drupal 8.0). Australia Phone Number List However, it also comes with its own set of challenges (setup and usage). Technically, a headless Drupal website sends data in format. Australia Phone Number List A powerful front-end UI framework renders this data and serves web pages. Which decoupled Drupal solution is best for you? . Australia Phone Number List Decoupling Drupal means letting other systems manage the front-end, while Drupal takes care of the back-end system.

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Australia Phone Number List Drupal CMS is purely used as a content repository to handle all the background jazz. When you completely ignore Drupal’s theming capabilities, you’re also giving up some of the significant performance benefits that Drupal provides. Australia Phone Number List Using Javascript on the server side also complicates infrastructure requirements. With the growth of JavaScript showing no signs of slowing down in recent years, the fully decouples   Drupal architecture has gained more attention, but it involves a separation of concerns between content structure and its presentation. Australia Phone Number List In short, creating a completely decoupled Drupal system is like treating your web experience as a separate application that needs to provide content.

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