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If you’re using a CMS or platform that doesn’t natively provide SEO capabilities, consider using Webtexttool. It provides a “live” on-page SEO checklist with suggestions for your content during the writing process. My favorite feature is the G-Doc plugin, so you can write perfectly optimized work on top of your first draft. A meta description is a short description about a page that tells users what they will achieve by consuming a piece of content. Note the word “user” in the previous paragraph. If your keyword doesn’t read well, makes sense, or is a false promise, don’t mistakenly insert your keyword into a meta description tag. After all, meta descriptions are not an SEO ranking factor.

Meta Description Best Practices

However, a poorly written meta description that doesn’t align with what people see when they click will result in high bounce rates, low dwell time, and lower rankings. Write a meta description like you would write an ad for your local newspaper. Use a call to action at the end to increase your CTR. Oman WhatsApp Number List Maintain consistency between meta descriptions and landing pages to increase dwell time. Keep meta descriptions to a maximum of 160 characters to prevent text truncation. Oman WhatsApp Number List In many cases, Google in particular will ignore your meta description and extract text directly from your content to form your meta description. In these special cases, your meta description can contain more than 300 characters for select queries.

This Will Save You and Your

Title tags are small pieces of HTML code that tell search engines how important each part of your page is to you. The importance of title tags ranges from H1 to H6. H1 tags are the most important, and H6 tags are the least important. Oman WhatsApp Number List They were originally designed to help end users see which parts of the page are most important to them, and to provide a natural flow to the document. Oman WhatsApp Number List Using bulleted lists is not an on-page SEO ranking factor, but it helps make your content easier to read. Instead of using colons and semicolons to write item lists, bulleted lists come in handy. It’s all about the end user experience. The easier your content is to scan and read, the more time users will spend on your page. This will lead to higher conversion rates, lower bounce rates, and more sales.


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