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Still, both tech giants share a common goal – making web pages load faster. Fast forward to today and Google AMP is the hottest thing on the internet. Singapore Phone Number List The person responsible for making your content look effective and perform well on mobile devices. How do I set up AMP with Drupal? Before integrating AMP with Drupal, you need to understand that AMP will not replace your entire website. Browser extension for Chrome and Firefox, install Keywords Everywhere to see keyword suggestions with quantitative metrics as you browse the internet . Given its format, it’s fun to use keywords everywhere when you peek at the pages of competing sites to find out what keywords they’re using and their metrics. This is a great tool for you to get keyword inspiration on the go

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With more than 25 million website domains and more than 4 billion AMP pages published, the project quickly became a huge success. Additionally, Composer will help the library work with Drupal. Singapore Phone Number List The default configuration of the AMP module sets the AMP theme to “ExAMPle sub-theme”. How to enable AMP modules? Drupal’s AMP module can be enabled using Drush. Once the module is enabled, Composer Manager will take care of downloading other AMP libraries and their dependencies.

Singapore Phone Number List

Ubersuggest is a great keyword research tool if you’re looking for a user -friendly platform with some extra guidance . When browsing for keyword suggestions, Ubersuggest selects keywords that help improve site rankings and organic traffic . The Keywords tab finds keywords with less competition and shows some example uses of each keyword. The platform’s visual layout showing keywords as a word cloud is very helpful for you to see each suggestion clearly. Designed for users looking to buy ads, Google’s keyword research tool is still very helpful for keyword planning for organic search results .


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