That’s why the content of this call came out. If it is true that the former party affairs executive named Ma Yi to call him

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Starting at 9:00 a.m. on 9/22, most of Nepal Phone Number¬†the 8 will register and start the lottery at the same timeZhu Lilun’s “Same Boat Plan” brought Fu Kunqi back to the Kuomintang within four days. Lao Zhu personally went to Hualien to greet him on the 20th. Fu and Zhu are in the same frame, like glue and paint. The noise in the Kuomintang is all fake, and only one person’s emotions are real. Some media quoted reliable sources and pointed out that the former top party affairs executive expressed objection to Zhu Lilun, but Zhu Lilun explained that he did not know in advance, saying that it was all handled by Secretary-General Huang Jianting. I think this phone call represents only one person, Ma Ying-jeou. Zhu Lilun pretended to be stupid.


Cut first and then play, and ignore Ma Ying-jeou’s obstruction

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That’s why the content of this call came out. If it is true that the former party affairs executive named Ma Yi to call him, this is the peak of Ma Zhu’s bad relationship, the “Ninghan split” of intellectual blue. In the process of climbing the peak, Zhu Lilun obviously chose a completely different path from Ma Ying-jeou. Ma Ying-jeou started his career with his image. The Ma government’s ruling logic, factions, and the interests of black gold are intertwined, and it is definitely the one that he can’t control. These people used to be close to Wang Jinping. De-factionalization will definitely help Ma Chao to stabilize. Ma Jin has been working together for eight years, and has always been regarded by the outside world as wanting to eliminate the faction

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