The Beauty Of The Automation Within Drip Is That It Seems

To flow naturally from your hands. If you need to bring in a new piece of automation within your email flow, you can simply add it to the flowchart. sales pages Like capture pages, sales pages are landing pages optimized to drive a visitor to take a specific action. They are an important part of modern sales funnels. But instead of optimizing for a free action like a signup, sales pages are optimized for making a purchase. This leads to a different requirement for sales pages. You must offer a compelling argument for your new customer to complete the payment; otherwise it never will. There’s a lot of theory out there on sales page leadership, but if you want to check it out now and read everything there is… DON’T!

If you start by reading every piece of information on the landing pages out there on the web, you will only get confused. The important thing to know about sales pages is that you need them for your products. You need to be able to configure thm to have a starting point, you need to be able to change elements (both graphics and text), and you need to be able to compare the results. The tool we use to set up our sales pages is again LeadPages. Setting up and changing a sales page on LeadPages is exactly the same as setting up a landing page. Sales Pages LeadPages Sales Page Templates on Leadpages Never stop optimizing Now that you have your first version of your modern sales funnel set up, do you know what’s going to happen?

In Most Cases Not Much

You will probably make some sales, but the conversion rates will be low. Why is that? What you need to understand is that you now have a sales process that needs to be continually optimized. And that you have a sales process, that you have a lot of different places that will have a huge impact on Malaysia phone number your overall results. modern sales funnel A modern sales funnel has 3 phases. The nurturing phase is repeated until a potential customer is ready to buy. Perhaps the most important rule of online marketing success is: Online success is the accumulation of small but positive results! This is true for every part of online marketing, but especially for a sales funnel.

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An example of optimization: What does all this look like in practice? Here is an example of how this strategy works for a modern sales funnel: Let’s say you’re seeing around 300-400 visitors to your website per day, which works out to around 2,500 per week. Let’s also assume that you get 50 signups per week, you have a basic automated lead generation process like I described above, and you get about 4 sales of your $150 product per month. That’s not cool, right? So where do you start optimizing? Any business or individual looking to make money online needs a modern sales funnel. This is a detailed post on how to set one up yourself and optimize it: from generating email marketing to subscribers and landing pages.

Let’s Dig A Little Deeper

The numbers first: You’re getting a 2% conversion rate from visitor to subscriber and a 2% conversion rate from subscriber to sale again. In this situation, the first thing to optimize is your lead generation (and you should probably also work on driving more traffic to your site, as this will also increase signups). Why lead generation processes? Because you don’t have enough records and if you were to make changes to your sales page or encourage processes, you would have to wait a while to be able to measure the results. Also, in this situation, it’s probably much easier to increase the number of subscribers you get first than it is to increase the conversion rates of your sales page or funnel.

Things to do first: Add more subscription opportunities to your site. Create more free content that you can offer to visitors, so you can offer different subscriptions. Read this article to learn more ways to increase your subscription fees. Now, let’s say your subscription rates tripled after doing this (6% = 150 new subscribers per week), while your conversion rate to a sale stayed the same (2% = 12 sales per month). Congratulations, you are now earning $1800 per month, but it’s not great yet, right? We grew our blog from 0 to 50k visitors per month in less than 6 months. This is how you can do it too: “The Social Traffic Code” traffic code My next goal would be to increase sales by optimizing automation.

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