The Dark Side of E-reputation, by Antoine Dupin

Social media ninja Antoine Dupin returns, after exploring avatarization , with a post on e-reputation and its darker sides…You may only put what values ​​you, there are always others who might not play the game: revenge, temporary indiscretion, more than dubious humor… On the Internet, the slightest drift can have serious consequences, both in your professional life (boss, colleagues, client, competitors) and personal (friends, families). If Internet users China WhatsApp Number are well aware of the challenges of e-reputation (70% according to a Microsoft report), they continue to have a paradoxical attitude on the web, displaying data and photos of all kinds, which can harm some people.

They Continue to Have a Paradoxical Attitude

They even explain that this case includes: “the affiliation of a third party to a political party or an association by the fraudulent use of his electronic address or the sending of a false electronic message by misappropriation of the address a third “. We’ve been signing up our friends for the stupidest newsletters for more than 10 years, signing them up everywhere. China WhatsApp Number The law is changing slowly and not really in the right direction. Today, it is almost impossible to properly control your digital identity as there are so many people or organizations to take into account. In the end, we identify two drifts, that of other volunteers and that of organizations, which is rather clumsy.

The Latter Published It Out of Revenge on Youtube

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The case of a teacher who produced a video with a sexual connotation with her ex-partner. China WhatsApp Number The latter published it out of revenge on Youtube. And this is how revenge takes on its full meaning. Because as the teacher says, “He put my first name, my last name. And the name of the establishment where I work. And he added a salacious comment under the video. Not content to broadcast compromising content. The man also understood that it was necessary to reference it on the first name. And even pushed the vice to the establishment.

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