The Great Classics of Literature Translated Into Facebook Language

I discovered thanks to Priscilla a drawing that made me laugh a lot. Directed by Klaire, it is a translation of the great classics of literature into Facebook language. It is very well seen! Seeing Corneille, Racine or Jean de la Fontaine like, update their status or deactivate their account would seem almost natural to you. Congratulations to Klaire for this work, I can’t wait to discover Panama WhatsApp Number the next drawings! Here are two, officially released today, on very different subjects. Tired of wasting time This site has been running a lot since this morning. The theme is rather unifying: telling what makes us waste time and therefore annoys us on a daily basis. There’s plenty to do…

The Radius of Vdm-like

Between the red tape, the unbearable music on hold and the endless queues, you’re bound to have a feeling of deja-vu when browsing through the reported anecdotes. Want to share a rant? Panama WhatsApp Number You can post your texts and your videos, with prizes (iPad, trips, etc.). Big operation, with the added bonus of a Facebook profile , an application in the form of a time-wasting calculator and a Twitter account . Tired of wasting time Tired of wasting time You know that Widely popularized during the heyday of Facebook groups, feature lists signifying membership in any group now have their site.

The Most Anticipated Film of the Season

Panama WhatsApp Number
Panama WhatsApp Number

You too can bring your stone to the building in “You know that you watch too many series when…” or “You know that you are a student…” Like the other vdm-likes, you can vote for your favorites and choose the phrases that deserve to appear on the site. This is of course The social network , the film dedicated to the life of Mark Zuckerberg. As the film’s catch-line says, you can’t make 500 million friends without making a few enemies! Panama WhatsApp Number A preview is taking place in Paris on Tuesday October 5 at 6 p.m. at the Club de l’étoile. Unfortunately, I could not go there. Sony has agreed to offer the two places at the preview to one of my readers who can replace me during the screening. Interested? Leave a comment, if you are several I will do a draw tomorrow at 2 p.m. to determine the winner. Good luck !

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