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Those who want entrepreneur need to pay much more attention at these times. Opening your own business and changing careers are activities that require a lot of knowledge and flexibility. in addition to increasing the pressure for positive results. But there is no need to hurry. Nobody achieves success overnight. so you still have a long way to go. Directing your efforts only towards professional issues is a misguided attitude. and you should avoid it at all costs. as it can hinder your productivity. as contradictory as it may seem.

In this post. we will help you find the balance between entrepreneurship and quality of life. Keep reading and see that it is possible. yes. to be successful and still have time to carry out your personal projects. What is quality of life? According to the World Health Organization (WHO) quality of life is the perception that an individual has about their position in life. considering the cultural values in which they are inserted. Be very careful not to confuse this idea with the standard of living. The latter is imposed by the society around you and does not always consider what is important to you.

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For some people. financial achievements and international travel can be a good indicator of quality of life. In other cases. satisfaction is in working with Estonia Phone Numbers┬ásomething you like. even with little financial return. Whatever your definition. physical. emotional and financial balance is essential. It’s no use. for example. having money and not getting along well with the family. Or. finish a doctorate course and get a good job. but not have the health to perform their duties. Is entrepreneurship for everyone? A survey conducted by Mindminers in 2017 showed that 66% of Brazilians want to have their own business.

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Among the market options. digital entrepreneurship is the highest and provides good opportunities for those who want to be their own boss and improve their financial condition. Technological advances have facilitated the exchange of information and knowledge. allowing anyone to open a digital store. work on the internet or take video classes on a topic they master. There is no single path to becoming a successful entrepreneur. The most important thing is to get out of your comfort zone and use your knowledge and skills to propose solutions and services that can add value to other people’s lives.

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In all respects. you must be optimistic and be prepared to overcome challenges. Perseverance and resilience are characteristics of an entrepreneur’s profile . Button to click and download the ebook with the case of Paula Abreu What are the best tips for maintaining balance? Those who focus too much on their personal life or career don’t achieve what they want. because the two things go together: you need to be a fulfilled person to do a good job and. in most cases. career success is one of the requirements for success. personal fulfillment.

Therefore. we have separated some tips that will help you find a balance between quality of life and entrepreneurship . See them below: 1. Plan accordingly What do a trip to the Caribbean and the success of a business have in common? This comparison is odd. but in both situations it will take a lot of planning. In the first case. you must book hotels. buy tickets and create a visit itinerary. To start a business. you will need a business plan for the first twelve months at a minimum. This document should contain the short and medium term goals. and all the resources you will need to put your idea into practice. >> If you still don’t know how to create an efficient business plan.

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