The Most Visited Job Blogs in May

And here are the platform’s most visited blogs in May! Something new this month: we have removed from the ranking blogs that have been inactive for at least a year. This will allow to have a vision closer to reality. A lot of changes so, good discovery!Registrations for the job Cambodia WhatsApp Number blog contest close on Sunday: there is still time to enter! To do so, go to the contest page. under the heading “Subscribe your blog”. If you do not have a job blog, it is also possible to compete, by relaying the competition , according to the methods described on this post .

Registrations for the Job Blog Contest

Again, gifts are key. You have until June 20 to participate in this way. Concerning the votes of the public , do not panic for the new subscribers: the contest is still wide open! Cambodia WhatsApp Number To give an idea, it is currently possible to win one of the public prize gifts with only about fifty votes… As everyone can vote once a day, I strongly encourage you to spread the word! Everything remains to be done, remember the hare and the tortoise…

Concerning the Votes of the Public

Cambodia WhatsApp Number
Cambodia WhatsApp Number

Good luck to everyone ! PS: if you want to know where you are, send me an email and I will answer you. The job blog contest International news is often the occasion for viral campaigns, sometimes very well found. Cambodia WhatsApp Number To protest against the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, two applications have been developed, one to become aware of the extent of the damage, the another as a snub to BP, responsible for the disaster.

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